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Green Roads Spect. CBD...

Total CBD 1500mg total CBD
volume 50mg/ml
weight/volume 1fl oz/30 ml

Broad SpectrumBroad Spectrum Pharmacist formulatedPharmacist formulated Proprietary formulaProprietary formula Independent lab testedIndependent lab tested No artificial colors or flavorsNo artificial colors or flavors

Green Roads Relax Hemp...

A 30-count jar of Green Roads Relax Capsules. These capsules combine CBD with GABA and 5-HTP to help you unwind without being intoxicated.

  • It‚Äôs a special blend of ingredients designed by our in-house pharmacists
  • They‚Äôre a great, non-intoxicating way to help yourself unwind
  • Each capsule has 25mg of CBD per capsule
  • Each capsule has calming GABA

Green Roads Sweet...

  • It‚Äôs a pharmacist-formulated blend that combines melatonin, CBD, and CBN. Melatonin is part of your natural sleep cycle while CBD and CBN calm your body & mind before bed.
  • Each capsule has 5mg of melatonin
  • Each capsule has 25mg of CBD/CBN
  • Take 30 minutes before bedtime

Green Roads Small...

A bottle of Green Roads CBD drops for small dogs (up to 15lbs) and cats. Support your furry friend with the calming power of Green Roads hemp.

  • It has 2mg of CBD per 1ml, the perfect strength for small dogs and cats.
  • It can support a sense of calm in your pet, including during stressful moments
  • It supports active aging for your pet
  • It has an MCT oil base - easy for pets to digest

Green Roads Large Dog...

A bottle of Green Roads CBD Drops for large dogs (weighing 50lbs or greater). Your pet's body will be grateful for this blend of hemp-derived cannabinoid extracts and MCT oil.

  • It can support a sense of calm in your large dog, including during stressful moments
  • It also supports active aging for older dogs
  • It has 20mg of CBD per 1ml - an ideal concentration for larger dogs
  • It has an MCT oil base - easy for pets to digest

Wunder Grow Bags

Experience the art of mushroom cultivation with Wunder Grow Bags. Our 2 lbs Mushroom Substrate Blend provides optimal nutrition for your mushrooms’ growth. Cultivate your own fungi haven and witness the enchanting journey from spore to harvest.

Bomb Bar Losst 6G 5CT


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