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Deltiva Delta 8...

With seven different strains, consisting of 90+ percent Delta-8 THC, natural terpenes, and true C-Cell cartridges, Deltiva cartridges are truly top of the line. They come packaged in plastic, truly child-proof tubes. Deltiva cartridges are sure to stand out in a big way!

Deltiva Delta 8...

Deltiva Heavies come packaged in a sturdy pack of six pre-rolls, with .7g of Delta-8 infused flower in each. Available in both uniform flavor and variety packs. It contains a total of 4.2g. Deltiva heavies are discreet and easy to keep on your person, perfect for a quick smoke break, or even a short walk through the park.

Deltiva Delta 8+CBD...

Each pack comes with 25 prerolls infused with 150mg Delta 8 and 150mg CBD.

Bubba Kush

Granddaddy Purp

Lemon Haze